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Meet The Experts

Flower expert, and founder of Pickletown Flower Company, Jessica believes that flowers are Nature’s art, drawing  us into their beauty; engaging our senses with fragrance, color, and texture.

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Jessica Sparzak

(Flower Expert)

Famous for her very high, unyielding expectations, Heidi loves the conceptual phase when she can take a small inspirational detail, and juxtapose it against an image from a magazine and watch it explode into an untamed design direction. The space becomes a puzzle to solve and Heidi is the alchemist to see it manifest in the three-dimensional world. 

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Heidi Marquardt


(Interior Designer)

Paige grew ReRoot from a tiny seedling into an evolving and thriving garden that's more than just a retail shop but rather a place for connection, growth and chill vibes. Cultivating community and sharing her passion for plants has become her greatest adventure and continues to be inspired through the magical connection we share with plants. 

Paige Briscoe

Paige Briscoe

(Nature Goddess)

Marysia Do

(Queen of Handstands)

Marysia Do has cultivated a global reputation as the encyclopedic teacher of teachers. Marysia firmly believes that your body is perfectly aligned with your goals; it’s simply a matter of creating new pathways for you to tap into those potentials with greater grace and ease.

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Entrepreneur, visionary, and a modern day flower child, Monica is mostly known for Sweet Fleur, a Vegan Floral Confectionary, and BloomTV.

A true lover of nature, Monica prides herself on creating unique businesses that have conservation at the heart, truly helping to create a more beautiful world, in more ways than one. 


Monica Michelle

(Founder, BloomTV / Botanical Baker)

Fitness enthusiast, and natural health expert, Keri is dedicated to helping people live their healthiest lives. Through all natural recipes, to organic tinctures and lotions, she will help you add a little flower power to your health routine. 

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Keri Luce


(Flower Powered Health Expert)

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Bridget Molloy

(MAT, Founder & Certified Herbalist)

Bridget has studied molecular biology, pharmacology, and herbalism around the world, thus developing a strong drive to connect people to our planet and the medicinal properties of plants.


As a life-long scientist and science educator, one of Bridget’s many passions is teaching about the benefits of herbs for our health.