Chocolate Covered Strawberry Smoothie with Rose!

Wow this is the healthiest Valentine’s Day explosion in your mouth!

Chocolate covered strawberries get sprinkled with pink dried rose petals for the sexiest smoothie garnish you’ve ever had!

This smoothie tastes exactly like everyone’s favorite chocolate dipped strawberries, which we took over the top here at BloomTV, by of course, adding some gorgeous flower power.

Rose is very healing, mystical, and is a very sensual aphrodisiac! Check out THIS POST for more about Floral Aphrodisiacs! Rose also has many antioxidants that are great for our skin & reproductive systems!



- 2 cups frozen organic strawberries

- 2 tablespoons organic cocoa powder

- 2 organic dates

- 2 tablespoons vegan chocolate chips

- 1- 2 cups water

- a little bit of ice!

Rose & Chocolate Covered Strawberry Garnish

- strawberries