Connection and Healing Through Flowers

Updated: Mar 10

Whether you enjoy having flowers on your table, sending them as gifts, planting them in your garden, or incorporating them into your diet, flowers have an array of healing benefits for the mind, body, and soul. Here, we're going to walk you through just a few ways that flowers can help heal you mentally and physically, ground you when you're feeling disconnected from nature, and better connect you with yourself, and others.

Healing Through The Power Of Flowers

It's not just the presence of that beautiful bouquet that's causing this phenomenal affect on the body, but it's also the fragrant of the flower. While the scent of lavender and rose can be calming to the brain, the scent of specific flowers have actually shown to trigger memories, and enhance memory altogether. No wonder the saying "Stop to smell the roses," is so commonly used, it's not just so we can enjoy the journey, but that we can also better remember it.

Enhancing Your Health with Edible Flowers

Anneau De Fleurs from Sweet Fleur

It's becoming more common to incorporate flowers into culinary dishes and baked goods, and not just because they make for a gorgeous topping. As the vegan floral bakery Sweet Fleur states, "We use flowers in all of their forms and functions, highlighting the flavor and health benefits of each flower in all of our creations." Just as herbs add different flavor profiles and healing benefits to our culinary dishes, so do edible flowers!

Every flower is packed full of vitamins and minerals. While some flowers such as chamomile and valerian promote better sleep and reduce anxiety, others such as nasturtium and honeysuckle can increase energy levels, and help make your skin glow. The list goes on and on, and the benefits are endless. From curing the common cold, to creating more stamina and sexual vitality, flowers could be the perfect cure, and are just as important to our health and wellbeing, as any other organic item you add to your cart each week. Not to mention, they're a delicious and beautiful additions to any dish. If you want to add flowers to your diet, Gourmet Sweet Botanicals, will ship them straight to your door.

Connecting With Flowers

We've already discussed how bringing flowers into your home can help you to reduce stress and anxiety, but now we'll tell you why they have this affect. Have you ever felt so overwhelmed or cloudy, that all you really want to do is pack up your car and go for a drive through the country, or maybe you occasionally get an itch to go camping, or for a hike? It's because WE are all a part of nature, and feeling that connection to our natural planet and to ALL is an essential part of what we need in order to thrive.

When it's hard to break away, or maybe you live in an apartment in a big city, having flowers around you and seeing them in your home, can help you feel a better connection to nature, and can help ground you. You can watch a video on the importance of having flowers in your home here. There's a reason that plant parenting has become so popular, and having plants in your home is the new trend - subconsciously or maybe consciously, we are looking for that peace and grounding that nature so freely brings. if your stressed for time, companies like BloomsyBox will send you flowers on a weekly basis, that way you know, that each week your bringing new life and sense of grounding to your home, and all without the hassle.

Connecting With Others Through Flowers

We are all feeling a bit disconnected, and after the recent pandemic, our longing for connection is stronger than ever. One of the best ways to show someone you're thinking about them is by sending them flowers. You could say that flowers are the universal language. We use them to show our respect to those who have passed, we send them as a gift on birthdays, and holidays, and we buy them for ourselves as a gift when want our space to be more inviting.

Giving a gift to someone creates endorphins, and when you give a gift such as flowers, you're creating a connecting between yourself and the recipient, that will continue to connect them even more than you thought possible.

Flowers mean more than we could ever imagine, and now that there is science and data to back up the claims, the next time you purchase flowers, rest assured, you're helping to create a more beautiful, healthy, and connected life.

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