Gift Ideas for a Floral-tastic Mother's Day

They bathed us, swaddled us, rocked us to sleep, and most importantly, gave us life!'s that time of year again - the time where the world stops to celebrate the ultimate creators of this planet..our moms.

If you are like most individuals, finding that perfect gift to show your appreciation can be a daunting challenge. But not to worry, we're here to help, offering our top 3 Mother's Day Gift ideas to ensure your mom has a day that is full of floral delight, and one that she will cherish forever.

Spend The Day at the Botanic Garden

Gifts are fun, and can be a great token to show our appreciation of someone. But, more so than anything, offering one's time may be amongst one of the greatest gifts someone can receive. One special way to spend the day together would be taking your mom to your local botanic garden center. This time of year is when all of the blossoms are in full bloom, making it the ideal time to visit. You can even go the extra step by signing her up for a membership so that she can visit any time she likes. Talk about a blossoming relationship.

A Flower Powered Brunch

Now, if you were like me growing up, you may have been a bit of a picky eater. On that same note, there may be a good chance that your mom's response was "eat it or starve." Now this may not be the case for everyone, but either way, our moms have been cooking for us since our arrival into this world. Even if your mom was more of a microwave meal kind of mom, the fact is, they have had the responsibility of making sure that there was a hot meal on the table for us growing up.

Which is why, preparing something homemade for your mom this Mother's Day, could be the perfect gift to show your appreciation for nourishing you enough to..well..keep you alive! By creating a flower powered brunch, you can give her a meal she will never forget, incorporating edible flowers into the dish, as well as creating a beautiful table display that will make mom feel even more special. After all, this day is for her!

Want to learn how to create the perfect flower powered brunch? Download our flower powered brunch tutorial here.

Build a Bouquet Together

Mother's Day wouldn't be complete without sending your mom flowers. However, one way to make the typical flower bouquet gift even more special is by creating the bouquet with your mom. Not only is it a great bonding experience, but it's a fun way to learn how to properly cut, arrange, and display the flowers that arrive. BloomsyBox says it best - "Creating beautiful bouquets and beautiful moments."

At Home Floral Spa Day

Sometimes all that mom needs is a day to relax and unwind. Giving her an at home floral spa day would be the perfect way to bring a little piece of flower heaven to her well-deserved day.

Surprise your mom with floral essential oils, like lavender for relaxation, rose for decreasing stress and anxiety, or geranium for glowing skin. Throw in a homemade lavender foot soak, and a hanging shower bundle, and mom may never be stressed again.

Overall, we hope that you take the time to make this day special. After all, if it weren't for moms, none of us would be here. Happy Mother's Day!

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