Relaxing Lavender Foot Soak

With this lavender foot soak, you can expect to instantly slip into a serene state.

Our feet contain a roadmap/mirror to our entire body. Just by pampering our tootsies, we can positively impact every physical system and soothe our soul as well.

The heavenly aroma of lavender mixed with magnesium-rich muscle relaxing epsom salts brings the mind and body into a zen state, but why does it work?

Lavender has anti-inflammatory and analgesic (pain relieving) properties that helps temper muscular tension and stress. This beautiful flower also has the ability to reduce swelling and can improve blood circulation. Combine this with epsom salt to exfoliate and soften the skin on your feet, and you can enjoy the perfect little spa day at home. Soaking in these salts also may help flush out toxins and heavy metals! These salts are inexpensive and can help eliminate muscular cramps.


  • 1 cup natural epsom salts (100% magnesium sulfate)

  • 2 T dried lavender

  • 10 drops organic lavender oil


  • Fill up a bowl, basin, bucket, or bathtub with very warm water, enough to fully submerge your feet!

  • Add in the epsom salts, dried lavender, lavender oil, and then give everything a swirl.

  • Turn down the lights, play some relaxing music, close your eyes, sit back, and fully relax.

  • Focus on breathing and slip into a meditative state- releasing any tension in your body!

  • Set a timer for at least 15-20 minutes (silence your electronics!) and ENJOY!

Pro Tip: This soak makes for a wonderful homemade gift. You can put the epsom salts mixed with the dried lavender into little drawstring satchels or mason jars. Your loved ones can add their own oils at home if they so choose!

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